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Restoration Cleaning, Brick Mortar and Precast Staining and Sealing

Central Elementary School was the eyesore of the school district. Featuring deteriorated masonry, layers of thick, black dirt, and patch work from masonry remodeling and repairs through the years. Precast architectural accents, light yellow brick and aging mortar were blackened by thick layers of dirt accumulated over decades. Cleaning couldn't eliminate all of the blackening, and couldn't solve the patchwork appearance, and a proposed remodeling of the school would only create more fill ins and patch work. Some considered tearing the old building down, but instead decided to preserve the historic architecture and proceed to renovate it.  Modernizing the interior, and heating and cooling systems caused more patchwork. Exact Match Masonry Staining was awarded the contract to restoration clean, stain and seal the masonry on the entire elementary campus, encompassing better than 40,000 square feet of brick, mortar, and precast.  While expertly coordinating our work around other trades, the project remains ahead of schedule, producing  dramatic and amazing results by far exceeding the expectations of the school board, general contractor and architect. Passersby often mistake completed areas to be all new masonry and feedback from the community is one of amazement and gratitude at the transformation. Architects and design firms can be confident that Exact Match Masonry Staining can bring our expertise on their project site to remove limitations and provide stunning results.


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