Exact Match Masonry Staining
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Need a match for brick, block, stone, mortar, pre-cast or tilt up concrete or a total color transformation? Welcome to Exact Match™, where you’ll get the only industry-wide accepted, non-invasive, safer, faster, sensible, permanent and cost-effective answer. With a process that has a 30 year-long track record of success for color correction in North America, we are truly An Exact Match For America’s Masonry™.

  • brick and brick veneer
  • split-face and other block
  • mortar
  • stone
  • concrete
  • pre-cast concrete
  • natural stone
  • manufactured stone
  • sidewalks
  • walkways
  • pavers
  • all other porous masonry

By coloring after the fact rather than in the factory™ with the same pigments used when masonry is made, you’ll get the superior alternative to tearing masonry out.  You’ll get (on average) cost reduction down to between 1/6 to 1/13 of the labor and material costs, no risk of damaging other areas, no hold ups on  your schedule or delays in closing projects, and fast exact match results for appreciative clients. Masonry is a natural product which means you’ll occasionally see some minor color variations. When the variations are excessive and become a problem to you or your clients, it’s good to know who to call.  Call 877-41-MATCH for Exact Match Masonry Staining.

  • Correction of Power Washing Mishaps 
  • Restoration of Aging, Time-Worn Masonry, for both historical and modern buildings
  • Adding a Vintage or Heritage style look to tone down vibrant New Masonry
  • Matching of a Brick or Block Addition to the Original
  • Correction of Mismatched Mortar Due to Repair or Repointing Work
  • Correction of Dye Lot Difference in New Construction Brick or Block
  • Application of Color Mosaic or adjustment of color ratios for Color Mosaic or Other Design that is Desired
  • Creation of a Total Color Transformation
  • Removal of Graffiti
  • Renewing Masonry on large commercial properties for lease or for sale